Halloween Scavenger Hunt
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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

For kids, the fun of Halloween is knocking around door to door trick-or-treating in their costumes. With a bit more organising & preparation, kids can still have some fun this year without putting cocooners at risk.

What You Need

Halloween Decorations



Scavenger Hunt List 

A few keen hunters! 

What To Do


Put together a scavenger hunt list

You can have loads of fun putting together your scavenger hunt list! Keep an eye out for the best-decorated houses in your neighbourhood and add their spooky decorations to your list.  Make it as hard or easy as you like, all things that kids can keep their eyes peeled for on their adventure!

2. Some ideas for your list

  • Spider webs
  • Skeleton
  • Witch on a broom
  • Spooky windows
  • Silly pumpkin
  • The number 13
  • A fake bat
  • Zombie


Get dressed up 

The best part about doing a scavenger hunt is that every still gets to get out and about in their Halloween costumes! Throw on the costumes, get the face-paint out and head off on your spooky scavenger hunt!



Get your scavenger hunters to tick off things on their lists as they find them & once they’ve found everything, reward them with sweets galore! With no trick or treating this year, this a fun way to get dressed up and have some Halloween fun!

Covid Safety Tips

  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres
  • Wear a mask
  • Make this an outdoor event

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