A Big Spring Time Hello
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A Big Spring Time Hello

This week has been a bit of a chilly one but we’re living for the extra hours of daylight in the evenings as we come into Spring time. Neighbourhood Network and Street Feast have some exciting projects in the works for 2022 which we can’t wait to share with you but for now here are some things that caught the team’s eye over the past couple of weeks which we think you might enjoy!

Outdoor Play

For more connected communities

Such a great infographic from Playboard NI on the importance of outdoor play for children’s health and resillience!

Something we noticed while working with Home Together communities last summer was how different types of neighbours interacted and got to know each other. These were pretty new estates so the group who seemed most connected from the outset was the group of parents who regularly brought their kids out to play supervised on the street or the local playground. There is definitely something to be said for outdoor play as an essential part of growing up for children & young people’s mental health & resilience but it can also be a vital community connection point.

This may not be relevant for everyone out there without kids – but it’s something to think about. Moving some of our in house play / exercise time to the communal spaces on our streets, greens and parks can offer new connection opportunities and could be hugely beneficial for the health, happiness and connectivity of our neighbourhoods, and everyone in them (adults and children alike!).

Guerrilla Gardening

Brighten up your area this Spring

Brighten up your street this Spring by unleashing some DIY seed bombs!

Easy to do and very satisfying to see the wildflower result, a little touch of guerrilla gardening can help improve biodiversity in your area and bring some colour to grey urban settings!

Targets for seed bombing should not be brownfield sites, derelict and depressing as they seem. They may be privately owned and will have their own micro eco-system, best left alone. Ditto parks and other people’s gardens. Instead, rescue neglected planters and flower beds as well as civic spaces to which the planting plan has long been lost.

What you need: Native Flower seed, Potter’s clay powder from any craft shop, Peat-free compost, Water, A bowl, A baking tray.

Mix the ingredients together, form small balls from the mixture and lay them out on a baking tray in the sun, allow to dry for a few hours before using.

📸 Marie Viljoen, Gardenista.

What a Cutie

Speaking of brightening up your neighbourhood! This lil guy caught our eye on TikTok this week by street artist David Zinn. Could you see some miniature chalk drawings like this one causing a stir in your area – we could definitely see little figures like this playing a part in an ongoing community scavenger hunt or creative challenge!