Organise a Community Clean Up
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Organise a Community Clean Up

Getting together to clean up your neighbourhood is a lovely way to connect with neighbours while doing something that benefits your whole community.

Spending an hour or two collecting litter can make a huge difference to your area, and is a brilliantly rewarding experience. Get in touch with your local county council as they may be able to provide a service to remove the litter you gather.

What You Need

Bin bags

Litter pickers

Disposable gloves

Waste disposal management for full bin bags

Make It Happen!

We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, you can read them all here or jump straight to these sections:

How To Approach Your Neighbours

How To Spread The Word

Decorate Your Space

Dealing with the County Council 

What To Do


Get your neighbours involved

Reach out to your neighbours and form a group for your clean up. Whether it’s 5 people or 25, getting any number of people involved is brilliant and can make a massive positive change in your community.

Get in touch with your neighbours by setting up a WhatsApp, Facebook or email group and asking them all to join. Put up posters about your clean-up and pass flyers through letterboxes to spread the word.


Choose a date & time

Hold a poll of suggested dates in your group to see when would suit best for everyone. Starting earlier in the day is best as there are less people around and less traffic, making it easier and safer to go out and collect rubbish.


Register with An Taisce

Register your litter picking group online with An Taisce on their official National Spring Clean website. They are running the government’s national spring cleaning initiative and can provide helpful resources such as clean-up kits.


Contact your local authority

Contact your local authority and they will help to organise the free disposal of the waste you collect at your clean up. Some also provide gloves, bin bags and litter pickers so be sure to make inquiries. Click here to see a handy list of contact numbers for local authorities nationwide.


Come up with a system

It will be helpful if you have a system in mind for your clean up event. We suggest breaking up into smaller groups to tackle different areas in the community faster. Sort out the litter you collect as you go- use different bags to collect recycling and general rubbish.


Be proud of your work!

Taking the time out of your day to contribute and make positive change in your community is a truly brilliant thing. Encourage your group to take pride in their work. After your clean up, have a cup of tea together and take the opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

Share Your Creations

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