Have a DIY Sports Day
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Have a DIY Sports Day

Channel some of that pent-up energy into bringing out your inner child and having your very own sports day! Who doesn’t love a good old egg and spoon race? 

Sports Day is an event that the whole family can enjoy. You can break the day up to include a variety of activities for the younger and older members of your community. Keep in mind the neighbours who don’t have children and the elderly people living locally. How you can involve them?

What You Need

A suitable outdoor venue: your street, a local green space or park

Prizes: Sweets, goodie bags, toy medals etc. will do the job

Every Sports Day is unique! What you’ll need changes based on what games you decide to play 

What To Do


Choose a date & suitable location

It’s important to find a space that is large enough for a mass gathering & allows plenty of room for safe social distancing. Choose a location that has enough space for several activities to be set-up and running at the same time. Your street, a green space or a local park will do the job.


Get volunteers on board & spread the word

Get in touch with your neighbours by setting up a WhatsApp, Facebook or email group and asking them all to join. Start a Facebook event that people can share.

Put up posters in your neighbourhood and on community notice boards, and encourage your neighbours to volunteer and help out on the day. The more help you can get, the better!


Choose your Sports Day activities 

Now onto the fun part of organising a DIY Sports Day- choosing the activities! 

When it comes to deciding what challenges to do, get creative and have fun! Here are a few of our favourite classic Sports Day games to get neighbours of all-ages to join in:

Egg & Spoon Race: A classic! Balance an egg on a spoon and make it the finish line without dropping it. For something less messy, try using a potato instead.

Sack Race: Hop to the finish line with both legs in a sack or a pillow case. If you don’t have a sack or you’d rather not use your pillowcases, participants can tie both their legs together using a scarf or an old pair of tights. Improvise!

Welly Throwing Competition: Simple, whoever throws the welly the farthest wins! Set up some football cones to measure distance and have something colourful to hand to use as a marker for where the welly lands.  

Hula Hooping Competition: Whoever can stay hula-hooping the longest wins. An activity that is surprisingly more difficult than it sounds! 

Limbo: How low can you go? Take turns bending backwards to walk under a limbo pole without touching the ground or falling over. A long scarf or skipping rope makes for a great make-shift limbo pole!

Musical Statues: A handy activity that requires nothing but a speaker to play a few tunes and some willing dancers! When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. If you move, you’re out! 

Keepy-uppy competition: A great one for the football-heads. Everyone takes turns doing keepy-uppies and whoever does the most wins!



Once you know what activities you’ll be doing on the day, let people know in advance what they need to bring along from their own homes to participate. 

Then there’s nothing left to do but enjoy a day of fun-filled games with your neighbours!

Covid Safety Tips

  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres
  • Wear a mask

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