Have a Tea-At-Three
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Have a Tea-At-Three

Tea-at-Three is one of the first community initiatives that we launched! Inspired by Helen O’Hara in Mayo, it was a wonderfully simple idea that encouraged communities to check-in with their neighbours at a safe social distance during Covid lockdowns in 2020.

At 3pm every Saturday, invite your neighbours to share a friendly cup of tea from their doorstep, in separate gardens, from separate balconies, over the phone, or across a video call. 

The joy of this activity is that it’s totally open to interpretation and all you need is a cuppa or two. 3pm on Saturday doesn’t suit? Not to worry- how about 6pm on a Sunday?

The point was to connect communities and ensure that those who were cocooning or particularly isolated were not left behind during this tough times. Plus, it still stands and is a simple way to form lasting neighbourhood connections and build up trust in communities. 

What You Need




Make It Happen!

We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, you can read them all here or jump straight to these sections:

How To Approach Your Neighbours

How To Spread The Word

Decorate Your Space

What To Do


Invite the neighbours

Get started by inviting your neighbours to meet for a cup of tea at 3pm on a Saturday that suits.

Get in touch by setting up a WhatsApp, Facebook or email group and asking them all to join, or by passing a flyer through their letterboxes. Flyers are really handy for people who aren’t online. 


Choose a location

You can drink tea just about anywhere! Have a smaller catch-up on your front doorstep or garden , or aim for a larger gathering in your local green.

Weather provided, get people to break out their garden chairs and create a relaxed outdoor space and enjoy each other’s company!


Download some Tea-At-Three posters & flyers  

We’ve designed some handy Tea-At-Three posters and flyers for you to download and print out at home to help spread the word about your event.

Register your community on the Neighbourhood Network Change X page for our free Tea-At-Three pack!

Put them up in your neighbourhood and get everyone to join in the fun!


Take it online

Don’t let the rain dampen your Tea-At-Three spirits! Move your tea online for a virtual Tea-At-Three.

This is a handy way for people based in rural areas to get involved too!

Share Your Creations

Send us photos of your creations, email [email protected] or tag us on social media @neighbourhoodnetworkirl

Register your group with Change X.

Sign up to host your own activity.

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