Have a Neighbourhood Baking Day
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Have a Neighbourhood Baking Day

Break out the recipe books, stick on an apron and get your community baking! 

The idea is simple- choose a recipe for everyone to follow and then send in photos of your bake to a neighbourhood WhatsApp group.

Then meet and enjoy your tasty treats over a cuppa for Tea-At-Three! Your group can be somewhere for everyone to share favourite recipes and baking tips. 

Make it a weekly thing for the whole community to get involved with!

What You Need

Some enthusiastic bakers

A neighbourhood messaging group on WhatsApp or Facebook

Make It Happen!

We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, you can read them all here or jump straight to these sections:

How To Approach Your Neighbours

How To Spread The Word

Decorate Your Space

What To Do


Find your fellow bakers

Get your neighbours on board! Send a message into your neighbourhood messaging group explaining the idea and see who would be interested. All it takes are a few interested bakers to get the ball rolling and choose a day that suits everyone to bake.

Get in touch with your neighbours by setting up a WhatsApp, Facebook or email group and asking them all to join, or by passing a flyer through their letterboxes. Flyers are particularly useful for people who are not online.


Choose a recipe & get baking!

Ask people to share their favourite recipes for the neighbourhood baking day. Choose something reasonably simple that bakers of all skill-level can have a go at, and that would be fun for kids to decorate!

Then pick a day and time that suits everyone to get baking and off you go!

Get everyone to send pictures of their baking adventures into the group chat so you can all bake along together. Then share pictures of your final results!


Neighbourly Tea & Treats

For a bit of extra fun, try to get your neighbours out and about for a Tea-At-Three with their bakes.

Then there’s nothing left to do but enjoy a day of baked goods and getting to know your neighbours over some tasty treats. Piece of cake!

Share Your Creations

Send us photos of your creations, email [email protected] or tag us on social media @neighbourhoodnetworkirl

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