Community Activity Challenge 2021
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Community Activity Challenge 2021

Neighbourhood Network is excited to be launching our 2021 Community Activity Challenge in specific communities across Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare. 

Get to know your neighbours, have some fun and give your community a boost by planning summer activities with the other residents on your street or local area. The idea is simple and inclusive – anyone can take part!


In the past communities have taken part by hosting a weekly Tea at Three, starting book clubs, decorating their streets and developing community gardens, but anything is possible and you can tailor your activities or events to your own neighbourhood!

So what is the Community Activity Challenge?

The Community Activity Challenge started up as a way to ignite a sense of purpose in communities and bring neighbours together during lockdown. It’s about letting loose, having fun, being creative and nurturing community connections. 

Activities range from tea parties to community sports days, there are no limits to what can be organised, it really just depends on the needs and make up of your community.

As part of the initiative this summer we’re hoping to work with all types of communities but especially those who have a predominantly older population or those who may be at higher risk of poverty and social isolation. We’ve found over the past year that activities like these can bring people together and really help those who are feeling the effects of a prolonged lockdown most severely.

  Bubbles in a playground

Neighbourhoods that get involved will be invited to attend two community facilitation workshops with our team to help come up with activity ideas that will work in your area and will also receive a free Community Activity Pack to bring some joy and colour to your street!

Would you like to see activities like these on your street? Why not become a community organiser? To get the ball rolling start by popping a message in your local whatsapp group or knocking on a few doors! Send us a message to let us know what you’re up to, we’d love to hear about your plans and support in anyway we can!