NN#5: Creatives Against Covid-19
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NN#5: Creatives Against Covid-19

“Always together, never apart”

That’s the inspiring sentiment from a new short out of Cork about how the city has come together these past few weeks.

“Together we can get through these difficult times and shine a light of hope on people – bringing them strength for a better tomorrow.”

Beautiful words from the Rebel county’s James Leonard; and the perfect way to introduce Neighbourhood News #5.

What’s in NN#5:

  • Community Boost With Neighbourhood Network
  • Neighbourhood Network – Tips To Getting Started
  • A Socially Distanced Birthday in Portobello
  • What’s Next?
  • Covid-19 County Council Funding Schemes Update
  • Tate Dublin 8
  • Age Action: Getting Started – KIT
  • Dublin City and County Parks Update
  • Australians Spreading Joy With Sidewalk Chalk Talk Artworks
  • Creatives Against Covid-19
  • Volunteer from home – Eoin with Be My Eyes
  • Nominate a Neighbour!

Some Stories To Share!

Community Boost With Neighbourhood Network

A massive thanks to everyone who joined us for the first Community Boost, and to the panel participants. If you missed the webinar, you can find it in full below.

We’ll also be sharing snippets on our socials all week ahead of our next Community Boost webinar. You’ll find more info on that below!

Neighbourhood Network – Tips To Getting Started

We’ve pulled together a short video with tips for helping around your neighbourhood during the COVID-19 pandemic. Give it a watch and brush up on best practices, or share it with a pal who’s keen to get involved!

A Socially Distanced Birthday in Portobello

Nina’s story below has us thinking. As physical distancing continues, how do we safely celebrate and connect over life’s special moments (birthdays, engagements, etc) on a communal level? We’d love to hear your ideas.

What’s Next?

Mark your calendars; the next Community Boost w/ Neighbourhood Network takes place on Tuesday, May 19th. Amongst other topics, we’ll be discussing how to make sure support for those still cocooning doesn’t wane as lockdown is lifted for the rest of the island.

Register your interest here and we’ll be sending on the link next week.

Covid-19 County Council Funding Schemes

We’ve updated our Covid-19 County Council Funding Schemes list. If your a member of a group responding to Covid-19, you may be entitled to funding from your local Council to support your community group.

Tate Dublin 8

Over on Twitter, Annie Ó Breacháin clued us into Tate Dublin 8; An outdoor gallery of children’s drawings around the South Circular Road. Last week’s theme was ‘Sunshine’! We can’t wait to see the theme this week.

Age Action: Getting Started – KIT

We were delighted to see Age Action join us in answering the Community Call. They’re mobilising Digital Champions AKA people connecting with older adults to help improve their digital literacy skills!

You can find more info and register as a Digital Champion here.

Dublin City and County Parks

In case you missed it, since last week Dublin City and County parks will be reserved between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm for people who are cocooning. Is your county doing something similar? Let us know!

Australians Spreading Joy With Sidewalk Chalk Talk Artworks

Promoting a sense of community and keeping kids entertained, chalk art is a wonderful ‘physically distant’ way to creatively connect communities.

Creatives Against Covid-19

Creatives Against Covid-19 called on the creative industry to design and donate inspiring posters to raise funds for vulnerable women and children during the current crisis. Over 1,000 posters, from over 30 countries, were designed and submitted within 7 days.

All posters are currently on sale and all proceeds will be donated equally between ISPCC Childline and Women’s Aid.

Volunteer from home – Eoin with Be My Eyes

Writing for Volunteer.ie, Eoin Kernan shares his experience with Be My Eyes, a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call.

It’s a great piece on how you can volunteer at home and still support your community and communities around you.

Your experiences

Nominate a Neighbour!

From next week, we want to start sharing stories and profiles of some of the amazing Neighbourhood Networkers doing great work across the country.

Want to nominate a neighbour? Fill this short form out and we’ll be in touch!

We’ve designed Neighbourhood Network – a tool to help support the people all over the country who are responding to this call. Register your existing group or sign up as a volunteer/coordinator here!

We hope you have a good week, stay safe and mind each other from a distance!

All the best,

Neighbourhood Network