Food and the community – A match made in heaven
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Food and the community – A match made in heaven

Neighbourhood News #32 – May 29th 2021

How are things with you? It’s hard to believe we’re heading into June already! May has been a busy one for Neighbourhood Network, we’ve launched a few new projects and have been full steam ahead with planning for the next few months.

We’d love to hear what May has been like in your community – and what your plans are for June!

Here’s some of the things we’re excited about or looking forward to this week!

Time Machine Co. Monaghan &  Co. Westmeath

Community Organisers wanted

We are looking for keen community minded people in Monaghan and Westmeath to work on our time capsule project. The Community Time Machine involves connecting young people in your neighbourhood with senior members of the area for a chat about their lives and experiences.

The idea of the project is quite simple- we want to get young people (between ages 12-18) to have a chat with a senior person over the phone, giving both people an opportunity to learn from each other and connect. Each teenager that takes part would then create something based on the conversation they had with their partner. That could be anything at all: a painting, a photograph, a poem- the sky’s the limit!

Whether you’re a teacher or youth worker, or you simply have a passion for community- this project is for you. If you’re based in Monaghan or Westmeath and you’d like to be involved email [email protected]

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Community Activities

Picnics, BBQs and more..

Coming into the summer now all we can think about is Food! From harvesting our summer veg to planning picnics and BBQs. Current restrictions allow for members of 3 households or 6 people from any number of households meeting outdoors. Make the most of this weekends sunshine by having a neighbourly picnic or tea at three on your street!
Check out our activity guide below for more suggestions on what you can get up to with neighbours this weekend!

Community Activities

Working Together Co-operatively

Community Building Webinar

More on that theme of food, Dublin Food Co-op are hosting a one-hour webinar on new approaches to building community and making decisions, next Wednesday June 2nd.

In the session, facilitator Davie Philip will outline some ways to work co-operatively in the virtual space and introduce consent decision-making, an approach now favoured by co-ops and community initiatives across the world.

Check out more info below

Dublin Food Co-op Webinar

Eat the Streets Festival

Workshops, Activities & More..

From June 11th to 20th Dublin City Council’s  Eat the Streets Festival will be celebrating all things food!

Workshops, cook alongs and activities will take place over the 10 day festival based around our food heritage, traditional recipes, sustainability, growing at home and new twists on family favourites!

Get involved by signing up for some of the upcoming activities online and seeing what your neighbourhood can get involved with during the festival!.

Eat the Streets​​

Say hi!

We love hearing about what your neighbourhood is getting up to! Get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram & let us know how your community is doing!

Register your neighbourhood/ existing group or sign up here!

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Take care & stay safe,

Áine & the Neighbourhood Network Team