Getting out in the community & Some interesting reads
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Getting out in the community & Some interesting reads

How are you getting on? We’ve had a busy couple of weeks here with Neighbourhood Network, as we get stuck into some upcoming initiatives and programmes.

We thought this week we’d share some updates with you on our work and some of the things that have inspired us over the past few weeks. Have a lovely weekend!

Home Together

Celebrating community

Yesterday we were very fortunate to get out and have a stroll around some of the new communities we’ll be working with as part of the ‘Home Together’ initiative.

It felt great to be out from behind the desk for a change, and is making us excited for all the community activities that come with sunnier days and longer evenings!

Child Friendly Cities

Safer spaces for everyone

Building child friendly cities and neighbourhoods – is good for everyone. In this piece Tim Gill makes the point that car centric planning has caused the biggest loss of child freedom in the past 100 years.

It’s fascinating to begin thinking of alternative ways our neighbourhoods can function – and what changes could make living in towns, cities and even rural areas easier for all age groups.

Photo: Boulder, Colorado, USA – Civic play area by All Things Boulder

​See full piece here​

Gardening for Biodiversity

Helping local wildlife thrive

Juanita Browne’s beautiful (and free!) guide, aims to help people support the wildlife in their gardens.

“Taking a very practical approach, the book details projects to help wildlife of all kinds under a range of headings, with tasks suitable for everyone from the total beginner to the more ambitious DIY enthusiast. With clear instructions and step-by-step drawings by illustrator Barry Reynolds, the guide offers the gardener lots of options to help our biodiversity.”

This wonderful project was brought together by Laois Co. Council’s Heritage Office – Download the free guide at below.

​Gardening for Biodiversity​

Say hi!

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Take care & stay safe,

Áine & the Neighbourhood Network Team