Green Communities and our Recent Projects
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Neighbourhood Network Home Together in Elsmore Naas

Green Communities and our Recent Projects

This week as COP26 is underway in Glasgow, we’ve been thinking about what kinds of initiatives are necessary for creating greener communities?

We are certain that connecting with those around us, and encouraging positive community participation is key to developing sustainable societies, and leading to bigger change. As one of our Neighbourhood Network board members, Craig, put it a few months ago – “I am more convinced than ever that ‘community’ / neighbourliness is at the core of so many tectonic plates of man’s existence – slowly slowly It is being recognised by leaders in the worlds of Health and Wellbeing, Climate Change and Social Justice. They are all linked.”

We’d love to know what you think about this – What do green communities look like?

In the mean time we’d like to share two projects with you that have been in the works for several months now, check them out below!

Home Together

Creating connections in new communities

Over the summer we had the chance to work with three newly developed Cairn neighbourhoods to help develop community connections from the ground up.

The project was a great opportunity to get involved in creating happy places for people to live, where neighbours feel connected and supported by each other.

We were delighted to be able to close out the project this September with a Street Feast celebration in each estate and can’t wait to take what we learned from these communities into our future work.

Check out our newly released video above celebrating Home Together!


Community Time Machine

A neighbourhood archive

If you have connected with us this year you will know that one of our biggest projects over the past several months has been the Community Time Machine – a cross generational community archive project for teens and seniors.

Projects completed in Co. Wicklow and Co. Monaghan are now available to view on our new digital archive at –

We are also delighted to be commencing the project in 7 new counties this month with the support of the Creative Ireland Programme, Age Friendly Ireland and The Department of Rural and Community Development. If you would be interested in taking part we’d love to hear from communities in Meath, Westmeath, Clare, Longford, Cavan, Kilkenny, Kildare and Dún Laoghaire- Rathdown.


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