Home Together Launch in Glenheron, Greystones
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Home Together Post Box

Home Together Launch in Glenheron, Greystones

Last Saturday, May 15th, we had the pleasure of launching our Home Together initiative in Glenheron, Greystones with a coffee morning to help get to know the community a bit better.

Things kicked off a little rainy, but a bit of colourful decorating and some great coffee gradually pulled people out to the green.

Home Together community day in Glenheron, Greystones

The day soon brightened up and we had plenty of excitement around bubbles, games and little ones finding friends to play with.

Home Together game station   Playing with blocks . Lucianne and daughters   Kids playing and bubbles . Bubbles in a playground . Little girl playing with bubbles and a large dice

The adults got a chance to connect too, and we heard about some of the great community initiatives already on the go in Glenheron and Greystones. We discussed some neighbourly projects and further development the Home Together community activity programme for the coming months.


The Home Together post box was filled up with some great information about the Glenheron Community – and some brilliant surprise drawings too! Thanks so much to everyone who got involved on the day, stayed for a coffee and a chat or dropped off their survey. We got such a brilliant buzz from the community!

. Home Together

If you are a Glenheron resident then you can also fill out our survey online here: hometogether.ie – you might even win a prize!