Home Together
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Home Together

Neighbourhood Network’s ambition is simple – to help create happy, healthy places for people to live, where neighbours feel connected and supported by each other. We do this by working with residents to help establish their community themselves, supporting local leaders to build inclusive, resilient groups in their estates.

As Ireland strives to build 33,000 homes per year over the next 9 years, it’s important to consider the communities that will inhabit these new neighbourhoods. The construction of a new estate is the perfect opportunity to get things right from the start. The first 3 years are critical to the success of the community and at Neighbourhood Network we believe we have a part to play in defining that success.

In 2021 we set out to provide each estate we worked in with the tools to build a culture of connectedness with their neighbours. The programme saw coffee mornings, treasure hunts, dog shows and Street Feasts take place throughout the year, as we led residents through our bespoke community development process.

We’re proud to look back at the season and appreciate the great events that took place, but more importantly, the impact that was achieved. The changes and challenges from the threat of Climate Change demonstrate the real need to build healthy, inclusive, resilient and sustainable communities. The Home Together programme is a strong start towards developing the cohesion and inclusivity required in communities. Our priority is to further the Sustainable Development Goals 3 & 11 over the next 5 years.

This programme could not have been achieved without the funding and support from CAIRN. It is clear that CAIRN genuinely cares about the wellbeing of residents and the future of the estates they have built. We would like to see the Home Together programme grow, and continue to improve. We hope to continue this work with CAIRN in pursuit of setting the highest bar for community building in Ireland.