NN #17: Challenge Your Neighbours!
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NN #17: Challenge Your Neighbours!

Hey Neighbours!

We’re back with some good news stories and fun ideas for the weekend. We’re so excited to be launching our brand new Community Activity Packs, and hope that this email gives you some inspiration for how you can connect to your community!

Some Stories to Share

What’s in Neighbourhood News #17?

  • Get Your Community Activity Pack!
  • No park? Try a parklet
  • Hold Your Own Pawsome Dog Show!
  • Create a Chalk-tastic Masterpiece

Get Your Community Activity Pack!

We are delighted to launch our free Community Activity Packs as part of our new Community Activity Challenge!

How to get a pack for your community? It’s simple and fun…

We are challenging communities to hold a safe socially distanced event, start a group or create something in their area that will brighten people’s days and help to connect neighbours in these isolating times.

Once you have held your own community activity, simply upload a picture of it to your Change X newsfeed and we’ll send you a free Activity Pack full of fun and helpful resources!

Here’s how to get your pack:

Make sure to send us snaps of you and your community using your packs for some neighbourly fun! Tag us @streetfeast in your photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

No park? Try a parklet

This week we heard that Cork City Council want to provide 10 more city parklets in the city and are looking for “Parklet partners”. Parklets are brilliant small public spaces that you can decorate with flowers and shrubbery galore! They are a lovely addition to any community lacking green space.

Everyone from business owners to neighbourhood organisations and community-based groups can apply, so if you’re in Cork why not get involved and apply for a parklet? The application deadline is September 28th.

We applaud this brilliant initiative and encourage you to look into setting up a parklet in your area!

Hold Your Own Pawsome Dog Show!

A day of fun and games with your canine companions is a great way to get your neighbours together at a safe social distance.

Head on down to your local park with some chew toys in tow and enjoy the opportunity to get to know your community. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but why not extend the welcome to all animals and have a pet parade!

Check out the full activity challenge guide on our website, and watch our video on how to throw your own socially distanced dog show by Neighbourhood Networker Sinead!

Create a Chalk-tastic Masterpiece

Make the most of the sunny weather before winter kicks in by getting outside with some chalk and decorating your neighbourhood! You have your choice of canvas- footpaths, roads, driveways, walls…the sky is the limit!

Chalk is so easy to get your hands on, and is a lovely thing to drop over to your neighbours. Get the whole neighbourhood out drawing and sharing their creations. Channel your inner Picasso while you’re at it!

Get in touch!

Have an idea for a community activity? Get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and let us know what you’ve been working on in your community! We’ll even feature your activity online and in our next newsletter!

Register your neighbourhood/ existing group or sign up as a volunteer/coordinator here!

​We hope you have a lovely weekend!

All the best,

The Neighbourhood Network Team