NN #19: Get To Know Our Community Resources
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NN #19: Get To Know Our Community Resources

At Neighbourhood Network, we’re changing up our Neighbourhood News updates. We are shifting the focus from news stories to instead share useful advice for neighbours nationwide.

In this post, you’ll be able to find tips and resources for building community connections in your neighbourhood, and some news about community boosting opportunities. We hope you find something useful in here that will help your community efforts!


Nominate a Neighbour!

We’re delighted to launch our first official Nominate a Neighbour!

The deadline for nominations is November 30th so get sharing your stories about the neighbours who always leave a smile on your face and lend a helping hand. They will be the first of Neighbourhood Network’s Star Neighbours!

We will be launching new rounds of Nominate a Neighbour every 3 months, so not to worry your neighbour doesn’t win the first time around, your nomination will roll over to the next time.

Nominate your Neighbour today! 

Get to know…

Neighbourhood Network’s Resources

Since Neighbourhood Network began in March, we have been steadily building up a bank of helpful resources to make community building easier and more accessible.

Here are just a few of the helpful resources and guides that are available on our website and our Change X page.

NN Starter Guide

As we continue in Level 5 lockdown, it’s important to keep checking in with neighbours and cocooners and offering support where you can.

This guide is an excellent place to get started and brings you through a step-by-step guide on how to get a volunteer group up and running. It’s full of tips on everything from task managing to assigning volunteers, all while sticking to COVID restrictions. You can read the full guide once you’ve registered with the Network on Change X.

Make it Happen

As part of our Community Activity Challengewe have put together an entire section on our website dedicated to how you can make community building happen in your area!

It’s got tons of information on getting a community group up and running, getting funding, dealing with your local County Council, introducing yourself to your neighbours and much more.

Giving & Receiving Support

These are two extremely useful guides for neighbours who are giving or receiving support to/from people in their areas. Each a page long, they have the do’s and don’ts of handling situations safely and following COVID-19 guidelines. They are available along with the rest of our resources on our Change X page.

Register with Neighbourhood Network on Change X and gain full access to our resources page.

Get in touch!

Get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram & let us know what you’ve been up to in your community!

Register your neighbourhood/ existing group or sign up here!

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We hope you have a great week & mind each other from a distance!

All the best,

The Neighbourhood Network Team