NN #24: Spring into February!
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NN #24: Spring into February!

This week at Neighbourhood Network, we’re taking a breath and appreciating the fact that after a long winter, Spring has finally sprung! As we gently shift into brighter mornings and evenings, we hope that you’re getting a chance to get out into your 5km for some air and some socially-distanced connection with your community.

A Grand Stretch

Set yourself up for a great month ahead

Picking up new hobbies and finding ways to get moving are great supports for getting through another month at home. Yoga is proven to help reduce stress, relax the mind and sharpen concentration. All great things for the lockdown brain!

For the grown-ups

  • Yoga with Adrienne’s beginner yoga videos are a great place to start! Easy to follow and full of kind encouraging words, these videos will help shine on a light on the positive power of making time for yourself to simply stretch and breath.
  • For something a bit closer to home, check out a range of great videos by Honest Yoga Northern Ireland. Their 31 Days of Yoga initiative will show you the positive impact that just 10 minutes of yoga a day can make!

For the kiddies

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga is a brilliant resource with loads of yoga adventures for children of all ages! It’s fantastic for getting kids interested and excited about exercising, and makes for a handy way to break up the day!

Our First Star Neighbour!

The winner of the first Nominate a Neighbour Awards

Back in November we launched Nominate a Neighbour, an initiative to hear more about the star neighbours in your communities!

We received a huge number of wonderful nominations from all over Ireland, and we are delighted to announce the winners of our very first Nominate a Neighbour awards- Tony & his late wife Trisha from Clonsilla, Dublin. 

Building community in apartment buildings can be extra challenging but Tony & Trisha made a huge positive impact on theirs, especially during lockdown.

They went the extra mile; leaving homemade bread at neighbour’s doors, doing extra cleaning in their building and making the effort to say hello to neighbours every day on their walks.

(Pictured above: Tony proudly displaying his Nominate a Neighbour certificate)

Nominated by their neighbour Otgonchimeg, Tony & Trisha have been an inspiration to everyone in their community:

“I’m so happy and proud of Tony and the late Trisha. We are very lucky to have a neighbour like Tony.” 

We feel especially lucky to be able to honour Trisha’s amazing impact on her community.

Does your community have a neighbour that goes the extra mile?Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as nominations re-open, and let us know about your community’s shining stars!

Wicklow Time Machine

We kick off our brand new Wicklow Project!

We had a great session this week with the Community Organisers who are taking part in our new Wicklow Time Capsule Project!

Our goal with this exciting project is to encourage community, creativity and intergenerational connection. Follow this project on our Facebook and Instagram as we see more participants come on board and positive community connections popping up all over Wicklow!

If you’d like to find out more about this project or any of our other work, check out our website www.neighbourhoodnetwork.ie.

Say hi!

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Register your neighbourhood/ existing group or sign up here!

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Take care & stay safe,

Aoife & the Neighbourhood Network Team