Nominate a Neighbour: Our First Star Neighbour!
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Nominate a Neighbour: Our First Star Neighbour!

We’re so excited to announce the winner of the first Nominate a Neighbour Awards

Back in November we launched Nominate a Neighbour, an initiative to hear more about the star neighbours in your communities!

We received a huge number of wonderful nominations from all over Ireland, and we are delighted to announce the winners of our very first Nominate a Neighbour awards- Tony & his late wife Trisha from Clonsilla, Dublin. 

Building community in apartment buildings can be extra challenging but Tony & Trisha made a huge positive impact on theirs, especially during lockdown.

They went the extra mile; leaving homemade bread at neighbour’s doors, doing extra cleaning in their building and making the effort to say hello to neighbours every day on their walks.

(Pictured above: Tony proudly displaying his Nominate a Neighbour certificate)

Nominated by their neighbour Otgonchimeg, Tony & Trisha have been an inspiration to everyone in their community:

“I’m so happy and proud of Tony and the late Trisha. We are very lucky to have a neighbour like Tony.” 

We feel especially lucky to be able to honour Trisha’s amazing impact on her community.