One Good Deed This Winter
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Neighbourhood community kindness

One Good Deed This Winter

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or the Winter Solstice, it’s important we find a way to come together and break up the short days this time of year with a bit of merriment. It can be an odd time of year for many people, especially this December when many of us will be seeing fewer family and friends than we might normally. 

So we’ve had an idea! To bring some joy to those around you do one good deed for someone in your neighbourhood. It could be someone who needs a bit of extra help, someone who deserves a big thank you or someone you’ve only recently gotten to know. The idea is that we all take a moment to be kind, neighbourly and spread some cheer. 

What does a good deed look like?



This time of year shouldn’t be all about gifts and spending, but sharing with others is still a lovely thing to do. Drop a book you loved in your neighbour’s letterbox with a christmas card or note. Maybe next time you bake something tasty, make some extra to bring round next door. If you’re crafty, share some festive homemade decorations with the people around you. These things don’t have to be costly- it really is the thought that counts.

Youtube Channel – Homemade Gifts Made Easy



If you’ve seen Woodie’s Christmas ad this year you will have felt the power and joy of a simple good deed. Do you have a neighbour who struggles with something that you have the skills, knowledge or tools to fix? Whether it’s gritting their driveway, fixing their gate or getting their printer to work, offer up some of your time this December to help make someone else’s day easier.


Youtube Channel – Woodie’s TV


Being there 

Even the little things can make a big difference in someone’s day. A phone call, a cup of tea or an offer to babysit (or dogsit) so they cango get their shopping done, could mean the world to someone at this time of year. The important thing is that we think about others and appreciate our communities.


Kindness comes in all shapes and forms, we want to share community spirit this winter and hope you will join us by doing one good deed in your neighbourhood.


We’d love to hear about your ideas or good deeds you’ve done, share them on twitter or instagram with #onegooddeed so we can celebrate community together.