Our Wicklow Time Machine is on it’s way!
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Our Wicklow Time Machine is on it’s way!

This month, we’re so excited to see our Community Time Machine project get up and running in Wicklow!

The Project So Far

We’ve spent the past few weeks bringing our Community Organisers on board to run Time Machine projects in their own areas. We’re very lucky to have a brilliant bunch of community-orientated individuals from several different areas across Wicklow. It’s also great to see a such a vibrant mix of TY groups and youth groups getting involved!

Last month, we had a great webinar session with the Community Organisers where we got to hear some great ideas and talk through the project. Now, we’re handing the reigns over to the leaders to get their projects moving!

What’s next?

Our goal with this exciting new initiative is to encourage community, creativity and intergenerational connection. Our leaders will be connecting teenagers to seniors in their areas for a conversation about their lives and hopefully their similarities.

After their conversation, we’re asking the younger participants to create something inspired by this chat they’ve had with the senior participant. The nature of the project means that no two projects will be the same, so we can’t wait to see what our Organisers and participants come up with!

Follow this project on our Facebook and Instagram as we see more participants come on board and positive community connections popping up all over Wicklow!

If you’d like to find out more about this project or any of our other work, check out the rest of our website www.neighbourhoodnetwork.ie.