The Community Time Machine
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Community Time Machine

The ‘Time Machine’ is an age-friendly, cross-generational neighbourhood time capsule project which connects communities across the country, supported by the local authorities & Creative Ireland.

The project connects young people and senior citizens who live in the same area. Facilitated interviews are conducted between the pair and their recorded responses, art works and photos create an image of how the community looks now and how it looked in the past.

The Community Time Machine was launched successfully in our pilot project with Wicklow County Council Arts Office in January 2021. We are now running it in Westmeath, Monaghan & Meath and will be bringing the project to seven further counties this autumn with the support of Creative Ireland, Age Friendly Ireland and the Department of Rural and Community Development.

Check out the full project here: 

To get involved in the project sign up here:

Sheila Cleary (L) and Hannah Gerlitz (R), Bray take part in the Time Machine - Photo by Madeleine Mulqueen

Community Connection, Storytelling and Creativity

The Community Time Machine project was developed in partnership with Creative Ireland and has since been funded by Healthy Ireland, Wicklow County Council, Meath County Council, Monaghan County Council and Westmeath County Council. We look forward to working on this initiative further with more organisations and groups in the future.

We have been supported in our work by photographer Madeline Mulqueen.

A dedicated Time Machine website will be launched in July to showcase all of the wonderful photographs, creative responses and contributions from those involved.

Eileen Murphy, Newcastle Interviewed by Callum Hodgkinson Photo by Madeleine Mulqueen
Joan O'Reilly, Wicklow Town - Interviewed by Niamh Taylor - Photo by Madeleine Mulqueen
Liam Tobin, Bray - Interviewed by Jake Austin - Photo by Madeleine Mulqueen
Val Bryne, Bray - Interviewed by Luke Weldon - Photo by Madeleine Mulqueen