Community Time Machine Sign up
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Join in the Community Time Machine Project!

The Time Machine project is really quite simple! We’re inviting young people (between ages 12-18) to have a chat with a senior person in their area over the phone, giving both people an opportunity to learn from each other and connect. We are inviting each teenager that takes part to create something based on the conversation they had with their partner.

That could be anything at all: a painting, a photograph, a poem- the sky’s the limit! The final pieces will be exhibited on a unique time machine website in September.

We’re currently running the Time Machine Project in Monaghan, Westmeath and Meath. We will be expanding to include more counties soon!

Why get involved?

This is an amazing opportunity to get to know more about your area’s history and the wonderful lives led by your community’s older generation. It’s also a chance  to check in with these seniors who make up the core of our communities.

How do I join in?

Step 1: Tell your parent/guardian about this project and obtain parental consent to continue. Maybe they could also help you find your interviewee.

Step 2: Download an interview sheet & creative response info! 

When you’ve got that filled out, come back and advance to the next steps to input your interview and creative responses so we can include them on the website!

Step 3: Submit your project here!

If you have any questions about this project or your submission please contact [email protected]