Volunteer Opportunity – Creative Content Organiser
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Volunteer Opportunity – Creative Content Organiser

Creative Content Organiser

A volunteer role with Street Feast & Neighbourhood Network


Join our Time Machine team!

We seek to recruit a volunteer Creative Content Organiser to join the small Neighbourhood Network team. The Content Organiser’s key responsibility is to assist with compiling and building the web content for our ongoing Time Machine Project. The Time Machine Project is a joint initiative between Creative Ireland, various county councils as well as Neighbourhood Network. Our aim is to create an artistic digital display of images, quotes and artistic responses from our multi-generational participants across Ireland.

This is a truly feel-good project at this uncertain time. The work of the content organiser will be key in the final delivery of this initiative. This is an opportunity to leave your mark and help showcase the connections happening all across Ireland. We have commissioned a professional photographer to capture portraits of our senior interviewees. These seniors have been interviewed by young people in their communities who have also been charged with creating a creative response to the interviews. Now we need someone to help us bring the project home and help us tell others about what we have been doing.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a creative, passionate and ambitious team as we grow the organisation from the roots up! If you’ve a grá for projects and have excellent communication, task management and relationship building skills and are dedicated to creating happier and healthier communities, we’d love to hear from you.

Key Tasks Creative Content Organiser:

  • Determine quotes and highlight relevant content for final project display
  • Digitise hand-written interviews
  • Upload content into back-end of website
  • Liaise with participants, designer and photographers as necessary to ensure top quality content
  • Learn and work alongside experienced project and community engagement managers as well as professional designers and photographers.
  • Attend weekly check-in meetings with project team
  • Help shape the final artistic project



  • You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of community initiatives with Neighbourhood Network



  • Initial flexible 2 month agreement 10 hrs per week.


If interested send your details to [email protected] and will set up a chat!

About Neighbourhood Network & Street Feast:

Neighbourhood Network is an Irish not-for-profit organisation which aims to promote social inclusion, tackle loneliness and build supportive and resilient neighbourhoods around Ireland. Our work creates communities of empowered people, with a strong sense of local identity, and builds empathy and understanding between neighbours. We have been in operation for over 10 years, running campaigns and programmes that help to build community.

Neighbourhood Network’s year culminates with its national day of street lunches and community celebrations ‘Street Feast’ that each year brings together over 110,000 people in 1,150 communities, through the simple act of sharing a meal with their neighbours. Since Neighbourhood Network began Street Feast, we have seen a total of 5,563 Street Feasts take place across Ireland.

Over the years the organisation has built up a large network of over 1,400 proactive Street Feast groups in neighbourhoods across the country; in recent years we have wanted to take a more systems change approach and work with our existing groups to nurture the connections that form at Street Feasts, all year round.

We set up Neighbourhood Network with the goal of helping citizens rediscover the ability to be a neighbour, kick-starting neighbourly interactions face to face and street by street. Our activities offer tangible ideas that can be used as an excuse to start off the first hello, that over time evolves into shared experiences and a sense of solidarity and belonging. We strengthen relationships and facilitate the first steps towards building community, leading to less isolation, stronger mental health, a more diverse democracy and healthier, happier neighbourhoods.

With the onset of COVID-19, and lockdowns emphasising the importance of local community (as well as limited public events) we pivoted our work to address the needs of pandemic life, testing new programmes to support cocooners and build social fabric in our socially-distanced world. In 2019 and 2020 Street Feast CLG has been funded by the Department of Rural & Community Development, WebSummit, Creative Ireland, ChangeX and some Local Authorities. The organisation currently has 4 employees and a growing board of dedicated trustees.