Decorate Your Street With Chalk Art
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Decorate Your Street with Chalk

We all need a little more colour in our lives, and what simpler way to brighten up your neighbourhood than with chalk drawings on the footpaths?

The joy of chalk is that it can be purchased in most local art shops and toy shops, and even in some newsagents.

Get the whole neighbourhood out drawing and sharing their creations. All you need is some chalk…and your imagination!

What You Need

Packets of chalk

Pavement, driveway or garden walls to decorate (be mindful of your neighbours space)

For children participating, always have an adult to supervise. Remember to be careful when drawing near roads!

Make It Happen!

We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, you can read them all here or jump straight to these sections:

Read: How To Approach Your Neighbours

Read: How To Talk To The Gardai

What To Do


Get the community drawing 

Invite your neighbours out to decorate the space in front of their houses with their own chalk works of art.

Spread the word and pictures of your chalk creations via WhatsApp groups and social media. Get the kids on board, and channel your inner Picasso while you’re at it! 

Share Your Creations

Send us photos of your creations, email [email protected] or tag us on social media @neighbourhoodnetworkirl 


Sinead gives you some helpful tips on how get your neighbours out decorating your street with chalk

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