Do a Random Acts of Community Kindness
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Random Acts of Community Kindness

It’s more important than ever that we look out for each other and our neighbours. Taking the time to do a small positive act of kindness for someone can really make their day!

Here are a few simple suggestions of things you can do for any of your neighbours. It’s a huge comfort for people who are cocooning to know that someone is thinking of them.

What You Need

Craft materials

Sweet treats


Make It Happen!

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We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, read them all here!

What To Do


Drop in a motivational card


A fun craft activity to keep children busy. Create cards with positive motivational messages inside. The more colourful the better! A little boost of positivity is a lovely thing for anyone to get through the letterbox.


Baked goods


Dropping in a plate of cookies or sweet treats to a neighbour is a simple gesture to show that you’re thinking of them.


Put together a care package


This takes a little bit more effort, but is a really thoughtful thing to do for any neighbour. For people cocooning, add activity books to help them pass the time. A care package can be full of whatever you want: self-care bits and bobs, treats, bubbles etc.


Share your veg


If you’re part of a gardening group or initiative, or a keen gardener in your own garden you may find yourself with an excess of vegetables to hand. Drop any extra produce you have into your neighbours. It’s a great way to make sure nothing in your garden goes to waste and a thoughtful thing to share.


Mow their lawn 


It’s easy to underestimate how much an elderly neighbour might appreciate the offer to mow their garden. If you have teenagers, this is a great way to get them involved in the community.


Drop in a bunch of flowers


Nothing brightens up a space like a bunch of fresh flowers. For people who have spent the last 3 months stuck at home, a simple gesture like this can go a long way.

Covid Safety Tips

  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres
  • Wear a mask
  • Wash and sanitise your hands
  • Make this an outdoor event

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