Make Your Own Bunting
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Make Your Own Bunting

Brighten up your neighbourhood one craft project at a time! Making your own bunting is the perfect way to burn off some creative steam.

You can hang your bunting up inside or outside, preferably somewhere where others can see it. Encourage your neighbours to join in and make their own! Bunting is a handy decoration to have lots of when it comes to decorating for community events.

You could even make a DIY bunting pack for neighbours or senior members of your community to get them involved in the fun.

What You Need

A few basic crafting materials

Make It Happen!

We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, you can read them all here or jump straight to these sections:

Read: How To Approach Your Neighbours

Read: How To Decorate Your Public Space

What To Do


Get lost in your nearest cupboard

The fun of making your own bunting is that you can really use anything at all to do it! Start rifling through the cupboards and see if you can find any…

  • Old tents
  • Umbrellas
  • 70s tablecloths
  • Kids cartoon bed sheet
  • Dad’s hawaiian shirts
  • Dodgy curtains



 Bunting Assemble!

Find some garden twine or extra-long string. Cut the fabric into long, thin diamond shapes. Fold in half between the shortest points. Wrap around the string and glue sides together.

Et voila! Your own homemade bunting to hang up outside your house, and at community events as you please!

Share Your Creations

Send us photos of your creations, email [email protected] or tag us on social media @neighbourhoodnetworkirl

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