Start a Neighbourhood Walking Group
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Start a Neighbourhood Walking Group

Forming a walking group in your neighbourhood is a way to stretch your legs and get to know your neighbours at the same time. Walking and talking is a great way to build lasting friendships with your neighbours, whether you are new to an area or you’ve lived there your whole life.

Plus, it’s a brilliant way to motivate your neighbours to get out and get moving after being in lockdown for months. Be sure to make social distancing a priority in your group so seniors and cocooners feel comfortable joining in.

What You Need

A walking route


Make It Happen!

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We’ve put together some tips to help you make this happen in your neighbourhood, read them all here!

What To Do


Get your neighbours involved 

Let your neighbours know about the walking group by sending a message into your neighbourhood WhatsApp, or by starting your own designated group online for people to join. Pass flyers around to older members of the community and encourage everyone to join in. 

Walking groups are a fun, all-ages friendly activity, so urge people to bring their families and pets along. Children can cycle alongside walkers on the footpath, and people could bring their dogs on leads. The more the merrier! Just be sure to leave room for safe social distancing between neighbours. 


Choose a date & time

Within your group, choose a date and time that suits everyone. During the weekdays, the evening is often the best choice as most people have work in the daytime. On the weekends, make it an afternoon outing.

For your first walk, start locally. Set a distance that makes the end-goal feel achievable for everyone, something like a neighbourhood mile is a great place to start!


Keep it up!

The key to maintaining a neighbourhood walking group is consistency. Try to organise a walk every week and change your up walking route to keep things fresh. Find new parts of your neighbourhood to explore with your group, or head further afoot to local walking trails or hiking routes.

Covid Safety Tips

  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres
  • Wear a mask
  • Make this an outdoor event

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